Website not responsive? You’re going down..

Google’s recent announcement has us website design and Search Engine passionate people on alert again. Currently the way things work is that Google looks at the desktop version of a page and decides how to rank it , it then ranks BOTH its desktop and mobile results. When someone is searching on a mobile device, Google will serve up the mobile version of the page – all great!

However, as we now have MORE PEOPLE searching on mobile devices than desktop devices (yes it is official) then things have to change, in order to attract the best Google results for your offerings.

Far too often these mobile searchers are finding content that may be full and comprehensive on a desktop but is shortened and less-than-impressive on mobile. So to fix this, Google is working toward serving a Mobile-Only index to everyone.

 This applies to any website that does NOT already have a responsive design in place because responsive sites will be ranked exactly as they currently. Please contact or call us 0191 4242444 to arrange a free SEO consultation.