What is GA4 and why do you need to get ready?

Google Analytics has released their fourth major update of the free website tracking software: GA4. Google Analytics will transition to this version as its sole tracking option from  July 1st 2023.

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) vs Your existing Universal Analytics (GA3)

Google Analytics’s GA4 Google Analytics (GA4) was designed for today’s analytical needs and expectations, whereas Universal Analytics (GA3) has been the default workspace version for the better part of a decade.

The major difference between the two versions is that GA4 will allow you to track analytics on both websites and applications. The measurement model is also different between the two, with GA4’s new model this allows measurement of events and parameters all with an array of new metrics.

Benefits of GA4

  • Granular User Journeys – GA4 is a powerful data driven tool that helps you take a closer look at what’s happening on your website and in your app. With the new model, you can track different user journeys and events to better understand how people are interacting with your site and app.
  • Focus on User Engagement – The new GA4 features new user metrics and dimensions that are based on AI. This provides different user buckets like ‘Acquisition’, ‘Engagement’, ‘Monetisation’ and ‘Retention’ allowing you a separate Audiences specific to your business into dedicated reports where you can define those users.
  • Simplified Goals and Events – With GA4, you get features and events that previously required manual installation of GA3. These actions and events include clicks, scrolling behavior, events, file downloads, and first-time user visits. Form submission and e-commerce goals. The process has been simplified and now takes much less time to implement than previous iterations of Google Analytics.
  • AI Insights for Predictive Metrics – New predictive indicators in Google Analytics GA4 enable you to make data-driven decisions on a bigger scale and improve your understanding of your audience. Utilising this information you can target audiences through social media or a Google Ads campaign. Build personalised funnels for audiences based on their behaviours and demands. Benchmark campaigns and website performance.

Your Universal Analytics will stop tracking

As of July 1st, 2023, Universal Analytics will be replaced by GA4 as Google Analytics’ new next-generation measurement solution. This means that Universal Analytics will no longer receive any data from your website, making it a priority for your business to transition to the new GA4 sooner rather than later.

What to do next

We strongly advise that you update to GA4 as soon as you can.

This will give you the chance to become comfortable with the dashboard and all of the data tracking choices. Also, the more data you store in your new GA4 property the sooner you make the transfer. To prepare you for the day when GA3 is no longer available, this switch allowed you to collect as much historical data as possible to leverage in the new GA4 experience.

Please get in touch with us right away if you need assistance switching your Google Analytics property over to GA4. If you are an existing Redman client or not – We can help.

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